Social Media: The Perfect Business Promotion Sites

Finding the right business promotion sites to showcase your company’s online presence and advertise your products and services is probably easier than you think. That is because in the realm of online business promotion, there are only a handful of relevant sites where you know people are, and those are social media sites.

Discovering the benefits of the three most used platforms

Social media sites are the perfect place for any business to promote themselves, as well as their products, services, and events. How you promote on these sites and which ones to build a presence on depends solely on what type of business you have and what types of customers you are trying to reach.

Finding new customers through the surge of interactions on Twitter

Twitter is by far the most high paced social media platform out there. On Twitter, people are constantly sharing, in 160 character bursts, things like:

  • What they like or what they’re thinking,
  • What their watching or reading,
  • Ideas and messages they enjoyed that others shared,
  • Their comments on special “trending” topics, which get displayed along side everyone else in the world commenting on those topics

All of this helps anyone easily find people that share similar interests to them and makes Twitter the kind of environment that brings people together that wouldn’t normally know each other, and that is a great atmosphere for gaining new customers! That is why Twitter is the platform you want to go to when you’re looking to catch the eye of potential clients and faithful customers.

Stimulating your core clientele with Facebook

Facebook is a much slower-paced platform compared to Twitter. On Facebook, most users have the majority of their information and communication capabilities set to “private” where only the people they have accepted as “friends” can see their updates (similar to tweets) and communicate with them.

Facebook is also a place where businesses can create their own “page,” which is basically like a storefront on Facebook, and people who enjoy that business can “like” their page.

The fact that everything is so personal, intimate, and private on Facebook – where users are really only concerned about the people and things they already know about – make this platform great for engaging your loyal customer base. Here you can:

  • Offer “customer appreciation” discounts
  • Post pictures that people familiar with your business would appreciate
  • Deepen your customers’ love for your business (which will always lead to referrals)

Finding your next business contact on LinkedIn

The final social media platform that makes for one of the best business promotion sites online is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is strictly for business relationships. On LinkedIn, you can:

  • Post your job history
  • Post your resume
  • Post links to your business portfolio, and
  • Receive and share “recommendations” form and for people you have worked with in the past

Because of this, LinkedIn makes for a great platform to gain, maintain, and deepen business relationships. If you are looking for someone to do marketing for your next big event or release, or if you do marketing and are looking for a business rolling out a new product or service that you can help them with, you can search through your “connects,” or the people who you know directly or know through other business associates to find just that.

This is a great tool because you are more likely to find reputable people to partner with since most of your “connects” are business associates that either you trust or are trusted by people you know.

Going social is the way to promote your business

When searching for business promotion sites, it is important to keep in mind what you are looking to do. Your best bet is to go with one or all three of the main social media platforms:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook, or
  • LinkedIn

Gaining interest in your business online is the same as garnering interest in the real world, you have to be proactive and know your market. If you know what each social media website is good for, in terms of promoting your business, you will be better equipped to attract the interest of quality clients and associates.

2 Critical Strategies to Include in Your 2009 Marketing Plan to Keep Your Business Rolling

A marketing strategy that small business owners have always been encouraged to understand is to sell what the customer ‘wants’ rather than what the customer ‘needs’.

During the more difficult financial times that the world has been experiencing since 2008, it has become obvious that customer buying patterns have changed.

On the whole, your customers are going to have to be more careful with their purchasing. They have to make sure that the items they buy will last the distance, and usually this means that they need to be more practical than fashionable.

There has always been the distinction between what your customers want and what they need. In other words, your customer may need a low fat cooking book, but want to buy all the latest chocolate recipes.

Because of the world financial crisis of 2008 your customers will, more than ever before, be looking for quality, best price and lasting power of your products.

It does not matter who your customers are, if they are lucky they have the same income and the same expenses, but we are all aware that our financial circumstances may change in 2009. Because of this people are spending less, saving more, and buying better.



Have a look at your products and at the products you will be purchasing in the near future. Make sure they fit the criteria we have outlined: quality, durability, perhaps not so fashionable, and the best price for the product.

Before purchasing check what your competitors are offering and at what price they are selling their items. Before you see sales reps, find out what they are going to be offering you, and at what price. You want to be informed about your competitors’ prices before they visit you. If they do not want to tell you prior to their visit, tell them not to bother coming, or alternatively tell them to come if they like but that you will not be ordering until you can check out local selling prices.

Small businesses owners have the upper hand at the moment, especially if you can pay cash. Suppliers need your trade, so do it on your terms.

Buying To Run Specials

Firstly, only run specials when you are trying to quit a certain line of stock, and in this case do not advertise it, because if you have it still sitting on your shelf you may have limited customers for it, and therefore any advertising you do will not meet your wider range of customers. To quit this dead stock do in store promotions, or use it as give-aways with other promotions.

Secondly, during your marketing campaigns, only offer stock which you have been able to purchase as a discounted price. In today’s business climate you cannot afford, as a small business owner, to be selling your stock at a reduced profit unless it has proved to be dead stock. Query your customers, find out what their most purchased items are, find a supplier who will talk reduced terms and deliver on your terms (maybe extended payment so you can set up your marketing campaign with the knowledge you have stock on hand to sell), and plan your marketing strategy.

Copyright (c) 2009 Kaye Dennan

3 Signs You Need a New Roll Up Grille for Your Business

Sometimes your business roll up door or grille will let you know something’s wrong, and sometimes it won’t. Don’t ignore red flags or miss out on routine inspections. Replacing a roll up door immediately helps keep your business and products secure. Just because you don’t stay on top of warning signs doesn’t mean burglars will do the same. Putting off a replacement is a recipe for disaster.

One of the most obvious signs is squeaking and other noises when opening or closing the door. While sometimes this just means a little WD-40 is in order, other times it means the springs are worn out or there’s a bad connection between moving parts. The squeaky “wheel” might get the grease, but what if it actually needs to be replaced?

Here are some of the biggest signs that your roll up door doesn’t just need some TLC, but possibly a replacement:

  1. It’s Getting Tougher to Open: Is opening the door your morning workout? This can be tough to realize if you use it day after day, but a roll up door that’s resistant might be about to “snap.” Sometimes it can be repaired, but other times it’s just too old and could use a replacement.
  2. It’s “Survived” a Break In or Natural Disaster: If a door has been damaged, whether by man or nature, it’s weaker than it was before. Plus, if a criminal got in once, she can do it again. If she didn’t get in, she may have loosened up the door or damaged it enough to make your property easy pickings for the next person.
  3. It’s Older Than You Are: If a door is several years old, it might be on its last leg. It may have served you well for years, or maybe you just lucked out. With so many new, high-tech doors on the market that maximize your safety and security, why are you depending on such an outdated model?

You Deserve Better

Properly functioning doors are all that stand between your business and the outside world. That’s why you need to replace your roll up grille quickly with a quality new one, and why a new commercial roll up door might be in your best interest.

Yes, regular repair and maintenance is key, but don’t cling to something that’s just “good enough.” Plus, as your business grows, evolves and changes, your security needs will, too. A security door replacement is the best investment you can make, helping to optimize your protection and that of your business.