3 Signs You Need a New Roll Up Grille for Your Business

Sometimes your business roll up door or grille will let you know something’s wrong, and sometimes it won’t. Don’t ignore red flags or miss out on routine inspections. Replacing a roll up door immediately helps keep your business and products secure. Just because you don’t stay on top of warning signs doesn’t mean burglars will do the same. Putting off a replacement is a recipe for disaster.

One of the most obvious signs is squeaking and other noises when opening or closing the door. While sometimes this just means a little WD-40 is in order, other times it means the springs are worn out or there’s a bad connection between moving parts. The squeaky “wheel” might get the grease, but what if it actually needs to be replaced?

Here are some of the biggest signs that your roll up door doesn’t just need some TLC, but possibly a replacement:

  1. It’s Getting Tougher to Open: Is opening the door your morning workout? This can be tough to realize if you use it day after day, but a roll up door that’s resistant might be about to “snap.” Sometimes it can be repaired, but other times it’s just too old and could use a replacement.
  2. It’s “Survived” a Break In or Natural Disaster: If a door has been damaged, whether by man or nature, it’s weaker than it was before. Plus, if a criminal got in once, she can do it again. If she didn’t get in, she may have loosened up the door or damaged it enough to make your property easy pickings for the next person.
  3. It’s Older Than You Are: If a door is several years old, it might be on its last leg. It may have served you well for years, or maybe you just lucked out. With so many new, high-tech doors on the market that maximize your safety and security, why are you depending on such an outdated model?

You Deserve Better

Properly functioning doors are all that stand between your business and the outside world. That’s why you need to replace your roll up grille quickly with a quality new one, and why a new commercial roll up door might be in your best interest.

Yes, regular repair and maintenance is key, but don’t cling to something that’s just “good enough.” Plus, as your business grows, evolves and changes, your security needs will, too. A security door replacement is the best investment you can make, helping to optimize your protection and that of your business.

The Modern Day MLM Business – Rolling With the Changes

So, you got into the MLM business to make money from home while building a long-term, residual income. The American dream, right? Working for yourself, on your own schedule, from the comfort of your own home. Well, how’s that working out for you? Have all your dreams come true?

Are you generating the kind of income you had in mind when you were first introduced to the Network Marketing business? Do you have the kind of free time you thought you’d have when you first found out about the concept of long-term, leveraged, residual income. Well, don’t feel bad. You’re not alone. Let’s take a quick look at why so many MLM businesses are not preforming as advertised, promised or expected. Let’s look at some of the factors that now come into play which are causing so many to fail in the MLM business.

First off, you must realize, the MLM business model was first conceived and implemented back in the 1950’s. Sure, there’s been an evolution in these Network Marketing business models over time and yes, many of these MLM businesses have tried to stay up with the times by inventing all sorts of new pay-plans and strategies for growth. But come on. Wouldn’t you agree, most of the technologies and ideas from the 1950’s have been long forgotten, like Jiffy Pop popcorn or Dippity Doo hair styling gel. I mean, what do you know of today that was around back in the 50’s that hasn’t gone through some serious transformations?

It seems that with the modern computer age has come a new modern age of the MLM business model. The invention of the Internet and the lightening speed information that comes with it, has dramatically changed the way we are all, not only doing business, but living our day to day lives. The World Wide Web, the development of high speed Internet and Wi-Fi has made it all but impossible to build a long-term, lucrative MLM down-line. Every time you turn around there’s a new and better opportunity. What once took months to announce to the masses now takes minutes.

Just look at the development in social media sites like Face Book or Twitter. Can you imagine being able to reach out to literally hundreds of thousands of like minded individuals who have a common interest back in 1954? Think about it. Simply by spending a few minutes everyday on Face Book you now have the ability to meet more people in a week than would have taken you a year back in the 50’s.

Yes, it’s true, with advancements in technologies comes changes in the way we operate. Now, more than ever, your ability to adapt and roll with the changes will determine your ability to not just survive in the modern day MLM business but to thrive.

How to Make Beeswax Candles – 5 Simple Steps to Get Your Business Rolling

How to Make Beeswax Candles with a Profit Motive

If you are contemplating on developing a small candle venture, making beeswax candles could be a wise choice. Beeswax candles last a long time and burn clean. Unlike paraffin candles they do not emit toxins when they burn. Beeswax has no mercury, benzene or lead. However, because of its naturally sweet beeswax smell, it is definitely a popular item among candle buyers!

Overhead and inventory would be at a low level. Monitoring the cash flow would be simple and your start-up expense minimal.

Not only could you be making beeswax candles for the purpose of selling, but you might want to consider offering classes on how to make beeswax candles…to both young and old.

These candles are inexpensive and easy to work with! Skills are quick to pick up and unlike other candles you will not need equipment like thermometers and double boilers or have to worry about hot melted wax.

In fact other than needing flat open space, the only basic supplies you will need are lots and lots of beeswax sheets, a major amount of primed wick and one sharp knife!

Fundamental Technique for Making Beeswax Candles

1. Bend a beeswax sheet in half and pull it carefully with your hands, creating two separate pieces.

2. Lay one sheet of beeswax on any clean flat surface. Put a wick on the borderline of the beeswax allowing a half inch to protrude at each end of the candle. This will give you the opportunity later to figure out which end you prefer for the top.

3. Upon placing the wick, begin rolling the beeswax, tucking the edges as you go and making sure to seal the wick tightly in place. Roll slowly, keeping it straight. Continue until you have wrapped the beeswax entirely around.

4. Using fingertips carefully seal edges using only light, gentle presses as not to crack the beeswax.

5. Decide which end will be your top. Trim back the wick allowing 1/2 inch to remain above the candle wax. Remove excess wick from the bottom.

The knack of making beeswax candles while being straightforward and uncomplicated still requires effort and patience. To further better you and your business, continual training in skills should play a major roll. Learn thoroughly the candle making process. Remember, beeswax candles have been around since the beginning of the 14th century!

Know that in the beginning your candles might not be perfect. Practice, practice and more practice. And with practice, will come an appreciation of why it is appropriately termed: the “art” of candle making!