Social Media: The Perfect Business Promotion Sites

Finding the right business promotion sites to showcase your company’s online presence and advertise your products and services is probably easier than you think. That is because in the realm of online business promotion, there are only a handful of relevant sites where you know people are, and those are social media sites.

Discovering the benefits of the three most used platforms

Social media sites are the perfect place for any business to promote themselves, as well as their products, services, and events. How you promote on these sites and which ones to build a presence on depends solely on what type of business you have and what types of customers you are trying to reach.

Finding new customers through the surge of interactions on Twitter

Twitter is by far the most high paced social media platform out there. On Twitter, people are constantly sharing, in 160 character bursts, things like:

  • What they like or what they’re thinking,
  • What their watching or reading,
  • Ideas and messages they enjoyed that others shared,
  • Their comments on special “trending” topics, which get displayed along side everyone else in the world commenting on those topics

All of this helps anyone easily find people that share similar interests to them and makes Twitter the kind of environment that brings people together that wouldn’t normally know each other, and that is a great atmosphere for gaining new customers! That is why Twitter is the platform you want to go to when you’re looking to catch the eye of potential clients and faithful customers.

Stimulating your core clientele with Facebook

Facebook is a much slower-paced platform compared to Twitter. On Facebook, most users have the majority of their information and communication capabilities set to “private” where only the people they have accepted as “friends” can see their updates (similar to tweets) and communicate with them.

Facebook is also a place where businesses can create their own “page,” which is basically like a storefront on Facebook, and people who enjoy that business can “like” their page.

The fact that everything is so personal, intimate, and private on Facebook – where users are really only concerned about the people and things they already know about – make this platform great for engaging your loyal customer base. Here you can:

  • Offer “customer appreciation” discounts
  • Post pictures that people familiar with your business would appreciate
  • Deepen your customers’ love for your business (which will always lead to referrals)

Finding your next business contact on LinkedIn

The final social media platform that makes for one of the best business promotion sites online is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is strictly for business relationships. On LinkedIn, you can:

  • Post your job history
  • Post your resume
  • Post links to your business portfolio, and
  • Receive and share “recommendations” form and for people you have worked with in the past

Because of this, LinkedIn makes for a great platform to gain, maintain, and deepen business relationships. If you are looking for someone to do marketing for your next big event or release, or if you do marketing and are looking for a business rolling out a new product or service that you can help them with, you can search through your “connects,” or the people who you know directly or know through other business associates to find just that.

This is a great tool because you are more likely to find reputable people to partner with since most of your “connects” are business associates that either you trust or are trusted by people you know.

Going social is the way to promote your business

When searching for business promotion sites, it is important to keep in mind what you are looking to do. Your best bet is to go with one or all three of the main social media platforms:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook, or
  • LinkedIn

Gaining interest in your business online is the same as garnering interest in the real world, you have to be proactive and know your market. If you know what each social media website is good for, in terms of promoting your business, you will be better equipped to attract the interest of quality clients and associates.